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Holiday Gift Guide 2001

Your dear cinemaniac has seen every movie known to man--even Mariah Carey's dreadful Glitter. To miss a movie is worse than missing your own mother's birthday. And the obsession is not just confined to the theater. However, if it's not the theater, the living room, or someplace where they're showing a movie, the cinemaniac just won't go. To get the cinemaniac out of the celluloid cave, try baiting him or her with the Mobile Video Traveler, a 5-and-1/2-inch monitor screen, video player, carrying case and DC adapter that can be hooked up to any cigarette lighter in any car--the backseat, please. Sure, you'd have to drive, but it's better than you being driven crazy at home by a flick-obsessed hermit, isn't it?
$699.95, Sharper Image,
2542 E Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale,
276 Town Center, Boca Raton, 561-392-1977;

American Girl
Forget Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Prada and Gucci. It's time you start buying American. Help your girl earn her fashion stars and stripes with this patriotic clutch by Fuchi Mama. A demure 9-by-5 inches, this fabulous piece of Americana is made of denim and is emblazoned with a hand-sequined and beaded American flag. You don't have to be Lee Greenwood to prove that you're proud to be an American, girl.

Germphobe, His and Hers
They've seen all the specials on Dateline about the ghastly levels of E-Coli in the gym, at salad bars and, gag, public toilets. They buy antibacterial hand lotion in bulk quantities from Costco. They can never be too clean. But sadly, their cleanliness prevents them from getting down and dirty in the boudoir. This holiday season, give them something that will wash away their paranoia, albeit temporarily. Liquid Personalities' Stud Muffin Hand Soap adds a macho, manly twist to the overly floral scents of most hand soaps. For more incentive to wash, Safe Soap is a bar of pure glycerin, but once you lather up, in the middle of the bar is a condom. Sort of like the prize in a cereal box, only to get to this prize, you needn't soil your hands. On the otherhand....
Stud Muffin Soap, $7.95;
Safe Soap, $8.95,
Pink Palm Company,
737 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach,

Mark Poutenis
Mark Poutenis

Nature Freak
The nature freak cries when someone accidentally steps on an ant. And God forbid you kill a fly. For every bug you've crushed, consider making up for it by buying the earthy one a dozen butterflies from Miami's very own Butterfly Mystique. To top it off, why not throw in two thousand ladybugs for good luck? If you step on one, at least there's 1999 left.
Dozen butterflies, $75; ladybugs,
$14.95/2000, Butterfly Mystique,
22601 SW 152nd Ave., Miami,

Superstitious Fashion Plate
Relying on good, old-fashioned lady luck just isn't enough for your terminally trendy friend. Put a label on the luck, and now you're talking. Enhance her good fortune--while depleting yours--with haute couturier Marc Jacobs' Multi Charm Bracelet, a delicate little silver number with dice, fruit and hearts. Sure, it looks like you bought it at the five and dime, but your friend will absolutely love it when she sees who made it. Besides, who ever said good luck came cheap?
$75, Scoop New York, 212-535-5577

Savvy Traveler
Louis Vuitton luggage is so Reagan era. Help the savvy traveler toss out his or her excessive baggage in favor of a sleek and chic suitcase designed by the Don Corleone of minimalism, Philippe Starck. Although it won't help you score a room at the Delano, this Starckian spin on the classic Samsonite will definitely earn its carrier status in the Wallpaper magazine club of trendy travel.
From $195,

Fly Roller
Last year's scooter is just taking up space in the living room and the rollerblades? Those are now being used as flower vases. There's nothing wrong with improvisational multifunctioning, which is why the roller sneakers were invented. If you feel like walking or sprinting, you can. If you feel like rolling, just pop out the retractable wheel located in each heel and make like Olivia Newton John in Xanadu as passersby muse at your nifty footwear. When you tire of them, attach them to the legs on your coffee table.

Granola Chick
She'll only shop at Wild Oats and won't wear leather. Even her toilet paper is made of organic material. What to get the girl who cries when she sees a tangelo because she thinks it's an unnatural cross breeding of earthly goods? How about Kalani Organic Coffee, a perky, all-natural pick- me-up that's proven to be just that by the Ralph Nader of websites that investigates all the claims of responsibly made merchandise? If she's against caffeine, the website's got a host of all-natural, unfettered products from soap to nuts.
Coffee, $11,

The word slut is not gender-specific. While men take it as a compliment, women are offended. Or are they? Whatever the case, treat your favorite slut to a swank Smythson of Bond Street Visitor Book bound in goatskin, not latex, in which everyone who passes through his or her boudoir can sign their name, proving they were there. It also helps the more forgetful sluts to remember the names of those they've bedded when compiling those inevitable "lists."
$330, 1-877-SMYTHSON or

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