The Mooney Suzuki

That other NYC gutter-glam band can go stroke itself


10 p.m. Friday, December 28. Call 305-661-9099.

"My Dear Persephone" sample
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Revolver, 5922 S. Dixie Highway, Miami
Unless you care not a whit for modern music, you've heard of the Strokes, and if you've actually listened, you've likely written off the New York City quintet as The Band Most Likely to Choke on Its Own Hype. But if the idea of gutter-glam rock without a massive publicity machine still intrigues, check out NYC's the Mooney Suzuki, which churns out a ballsy pastiche of the Stones and Make-Up -- but without the high cheekbones (and expectations) of the Strokes. In fact, the Mooney Suzuki manages to cough up a gloriously dirty '60s hot-rod grunge that recalls the danger of the MC5, the hooks of the Zombies, and the extra-terrestrial R&B of the Monks. Should be a sweat-drenched blast, and the first 250 people through the door on Revolver's one-year anniversary get a nifty post-Christmas present of a video and a T-shirt.
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