Letters for January 17, 2002

Holiday on ice

The fact that it did not get published in liberal media such as the Washington Post or the New York Times lets most of Americans, and us here in Germany as well, be unaware of how high bribery has reached these days.

A. Geldhauser

I'm sure it's scary to swim against the tide: That gang of letter-writers who blasted Susan Eastman for her critique of the flag-waving media ("1984 and Counting," September 27) missed something: It took guts to write that piece. Between September 12 and October 4, I surveyed 30 U.S. newspapers on a regular basis. Eastman is absolutely alone in pointing out the gelatinous mob-think in the press.

And if readers need a reference point for Eastman, try the weeks following the Kennedy assassination. The handful of reporters who challenged the conventional wisdom of the so-called experts were promptly canned. These are the same experts who are now assuring us everything is going to be all right. Well, let a poet named Yeats have the final say. On the eve of World War I, he wrote, "The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are full of passionate intensity."

Is there anyone out there who believes September 11 is an isolated "terrorist" act and unconnected to a whole string of wars dating back to 1914?

William Joyce
Miami Beach

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