Power Grab

Punk politics and shady business deals leave Eulogy Records boss John Wylie wiser

In November 1999, Wylie left Where Fear and Weapons Meet and began hardcore-metal outfit Until the End the following January. In May 2000, Until the End hooked up with hardcore giant Equal Vision Records -- "the only label other than mine I'd ever trust," Wylie declares -- and released a self-titled EP. He entered Eulogy into an agreement with German label Alveran Records, which handles distribution and promotion in Europe. "We see the bands on their label as our bands and vice versa," he says. Domestically, Eulogy struck a deal with Lumberjack Distribution, which has simplified matters and offered security, Wylie claims: "They have so many bands and labels under their net, it's impossible for someone to stiff them and get away with it."

The hard corps: Until the End featuring Eulogy Records chief John Wylie, right
The hard corps: Until the End featuring Eulogy Records chief John Wylie, right


With Until the End, Glasseater, Unsung Zeros, D.N.M.E., and eight more bands. Friday and Saturday, January 25 and 26. Tickets are $8 per night. Call 954-431-8044.
Club Q, 7357 Davie Rd. Ext., Davie

Having excised more shadiness than an Agent Orange drop, Wylie and Eulogy have reduced the record business to the simple process of making records. In the absence of drama, Eulogy has thrived; an average release sells 6,000 to 8,000 copies. As the company pays its bands with CDs rather than cash, its overhead is low. Eulogy's diverse release schedule for 2002 includes an EP from Dashboard Confessional and full-lengths by Orlando pop-punkers Unsung Zeros and Louisville emo rockers Christiansen. To celebrate the new year, Wylie is hosting the two-day, 12-band "Eulogy Fest 2002" at Club Q. "It's amazing how the same people who won't go out to see a local show will show up to anything if it's called a festival," he smirks. "Every band is "local' somewhere."

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