Letters for February 14, 2002

Racial rants

Stratton states that we used "the most stereotypically offensive voice imaginable." Duh. That was the whole point, Jeff. (I did try to hire a well-known Taliban session singer, but he was all booked up until after Ramadan!)

I'm sure that a number of your readers would like the opportunity to listen to the songs and form their own opinions.

Bruce Yarock
Yarock Productions
via the Internet

Hold on, Bruce: I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff Stratton's review of "Jihad Rock," "Jihad Johnny," and "Terrorist Nightmares." Among other things, he writes that the songs used the "most stereotypically offensive voice imaginable." I heard these songs several times on the radio and was both disgusted and enraged by their blasphemous and hateful characterization of our Islamic brothers. Finally, there's a voice of reason in this wilderness of needless anger and hostility.

Ibrahim "Tony" Mafahdiq
Dearborn, Michigan

For the money men: I just finished Jim Gaines's January 10 article on [Linda] Davis's current housing situation, "Corporate Grinch," and find myself feeling sorry for her. But my feeling comes with a double-edge sword. I work in the mortgage business and deal with GMAC/Homecomings investors quite a bit. I can't speak for their issue, practices, or current investigations, but I can speak for the business itself that I feel you are slandering with this article. The Davis family must qualify for a mortgage with strict regulations on debt-to-income ratios as well as loan-to-value constraints. As I have been dealing with this particular investor, I can say that it holds to its guidelines quite strictly.

When the Davis family applied for the mortgage, it had credit issues (as stated in the article), but what type of credit issues? Collections, judgments, bankruptcy issues? How many late payments have they had in the last two years? All this information needs to be reported.

As a matter of fact, GMAC or Homecomings, whichever you choose to call them, has mortgage products that are less strict in their guidelines so that people with damaged credit can obtain a loan and not be left to fend for themselves.

Also, no one can foresee getting ill and missing work. What happened to [Davis's] reserves? What about her divorce? Now there is only one person making money, which creates a debt-to-income problem. Remember, when they qualified for the loan, it was two incomes. It is not the lender's fault that they got a divorce and have income issues now.

So, in conclusion, when you decide to "slam" the mortgage industry, remember that we are providing a valuable service to clients who need our help. They are fully aware of all the terms of the loan.

Jonathan Weiner
via the Internet

Part 3631: This is in response to "Blast from the Past" (Letters, January 3). This coward who withheld his or her name is the typical, cry-baby, liberal Democrat who infests that sick, twisted party.

He or she wrote that Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton's butt-buddy, "is one of the most widely respected leaders in the world." Is that so? Truth is, he has strong Communist ties. He just refused the United States' request to help root out terrorism after we sent billions of U.S. tax dollars to aid his country. Got his ass out of jail also!

He or she also wrote that "our contemporary apartheid American-style" government excluded blacks from the voter polls. Truth is, that has never been proven, even under federal investigation by "Bobbing Bill's" pro-black, anti-Christian, fascist regime.

He or she cries about slavery, yet it is a fact that blacks captured blacks during tribal wars, then sold them to international slavery rings. I don't hate anyone for his or her color. My best friends are hard-working black men and women. I do hate lies. Be sure to print my name.

James Hammers
Fort Lauderdale

Hate, hate, hate -- all Harvey does is hate: In response to the January 3 letter from "Name Withheld by Request": "Exiles" hate Mandela's "friend" (Castro), not Mandela (I think)!

It was mentioned that: "A few years ago, the Cuban exile community chose to shun Nelson Mandela, one of the most widely respected leaders in the world, when he visited our state."

To clarify: The Cuban exile community and some in the South Florida Jewish community shunned Mandela when he visited this area because of Mandela's admitted "friendship" with such respected world murderers and terrorists as Fidel Castro, Yasir Arafat, and Muammar Kaddafi. Until Mandela renounces these three murderous terrorist butchers, I'm sure he would be shunned again by these two local communities of people.

Harvey Slavin

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