Letters for February 21, 2002

Hip-hoppin' mad

Is Bobby losing money because of the new Sunday night events? He probably is. Hello? He is a business owner; this is his life, and he is losing money -- of course he's angry. Not nearly the number of paying customers show up on Sundays as they used to -- especially after the night that girl was shot. And yes, I was there that night, fooling myself that it must have been a firecracker and not a gunshot. Silly me! After all, I have been a patron of the Poor House since it first opened and have never heard that before. Then again, maybe it was bound to happen sometime, hip-hop night or not.

Either way, Mr. Stratton made South Florida sound like the racist capital of the world and made the Poor House sound like there are a bunch of narrow-minded people who work and hang out there.

Maybe Duncan went a little too far in bringing this story to New Times. Then again, like all of us, he has a right to his opinion. Good for him for speaking his mind. What upset me most about the article is that Stratton made them both sound ridiculous. Stratton, of course, has a right to his own opinion also, but I believe it would have been best if he told the story without making everyone involved sound racist!

Poor House Patron
Fort Lauderdale

'Cuz he doesn't want to: Kathy Glasgow's December 20 article, "The Perils of Marilise," is a testament to the necessity of the United States adopting serious immigration reform. Is the reader supposed to feel sorry for this irresponsible crackhead? Because Marilise supposedly gave allegiance to the Tonton Macoutes, a very nasty bunch, I as a taxpayer should become responsible for her poor decisions? I don't think so!

Let's add up the interventions on behalf of this woman that have cost us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars: the Coast Guard ship that intercepted her, the processing at Krome Detention Center, the legal bills, the police investigations that have resulted from her "poor decisions," the medical bills for her suicide attempts and mental problems, as well as the three babies that she has brought into the world, no doubt at public expense. Enough already! My mother has no insurance because she cannot pay the $600 per month COBRA payments following her layoff, but my tax dollars pay for this nonsense! I am over it. Illegal immigrant means illegal; send her back, and then send her relatives the bill.

David Horstman
North Miami

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