Bland on Bland

What we talk about when we talk about lighter-weight stuff

We know how you feel, Ginnie
We know how you feel, Ginnie


Through March 31. Call 561-241-7432 or 800-930-6400.
Caldwell Theatre Company, 7873 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton

As it is, Out of Season remains merely a confection, and a soft-centered one at that. It is yet another punchless production from the Caldwell, an eminent theater company that is in danger of drifting into self-satisfied irrelevancy. Sure, the Caldwell's winter audience is heavily tipped toward older retirees and socialites who may not cotton to rough-and-tumble modern drama, but puhleeese! Give them and the rest of us something with style and dash if not muscle. It is surely a sign of trouble at Caldwell when A.R. Gurney's sedate Cocktail Hour packs the biggest dramatic wallop of the season. Bring on better plays, Mr. Hall, say I. You owe it to your audiences, the community, your artists, and yourself. And I will be the first to cheer you when you do.

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