The Kids Are Alright

Children's theater in these parts deserves more attention

Then there's Boca Raton's Little Palm Family Theatre, which includes some adults along with largely youthful casts. The current production, Stuart Little, includes eleven youngsters and one adult narrator. The venerable troupe, now early into its third decade, will present one-hour versions of Annie, Robin Hood, and Mary Poppinsin the spring season.

The major theaters are also involved with programming for children, to one degree or another. The Caldwell Playhouse offers several opportunities for young playwrights. GableStage and the Coconut Grove Playhouse have special school programs and presentations. Virtually all the above-mentioned companies offer performance classes and creative workshops for children, with a staggering array of subjects: acting, dance, mime, puppetry, storytelling, juggling, acrobatics, and scenic arts.

All this is readily available for children and their families to enjoy. Now if we can only convince the adults that creative self-expression and classical literature are not only for children, we'd really be making some cultural progress.

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