Letters for March 21, 2002

Homeless haggling

We also don't care if it is run by family and friends, because this country is run the same way without complaint. I don't know what Mr. Olson's purpose was when he wrote the article, but it's going to give the people of Broward County the wrong idea of the BOC and its staff. To me and most people here at the BOC, it's a good place to be, and it works!

Joe Mayeran

How about fighter jets, bucko? In regard to "Gimme Shelter," temporary housing is not the answer for these people, since most are alcoholics or drug addicts. And from my knowledge, you can't rehabilitate this. They will only be on the streets again. They should build permanent homes. That is the only way to help alcoholics.

Homeless shelters are a waste of money.

Robert Andrews
Fort Lauderdale

Yuk, yuk: Did you hear the one about the American woman who went into a British pub and was surprised to find customers watching soccer and smoking? After reading Jen Karetnick's February 28 review, "Pick Your Battles," it seemed to me that she had been to a restaurant down the road prior to Trafalgar Tavern and wondered where the dart board was. (Laugh... I thought my pants would never dry!)

The surprising thing is that Karetnick actually keeps her job, not that you printed the aforementioned facts. She also enlightened us about how her husband had let slip that he was a doctor -- oops -- physician to the waitperson (bit of PC there), and of course we all do that in the first few minutes of talk. "I'll have the special, please, and by the way, I'm a plumber." Then to cap a first-rate piece of humorous journalism, she spent half the time saying how awful it is to eat fish; especially awful when it is the naughty British leading the way. Why not go to a steak house for your next assignment and give a lecture on killing cattle?

There is one bright spot for the doctor's wife -- if she ever gets another challenger for her position as food critic, she can always fall back on the gags to keep us rolling in the aisles and make a living.

Malcolm Cooper
Oakland Park

Erratum: In our Dish review of March 7, we gave the incorrect address for Yucatan Mexican Grill. The correct address is 525 S. Federal Hwy., Deerfield Beach. New Times regrets the error.

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