Letters for March 28, 2002

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Also disturbing is how belittling and callous Lagenfeld's tone was regarding the "janitors." I hope that, should he need a surgical procedure, he will have more respect for the persons who clean and prepare the operating room and instruments for his procedure than he does for other public servants. Regardless of what procedure he receives, he should certainly have some of "it" removed while he is on the table.

The simple fact is, the facility service person is one of the spokes in a wheel that must roll every day without fail. The bottom line is that when something happens, someone needs something, something is broken, something doesn't work, it's hot, it's cold, the faucet won't stop running, the lights keep flickering, move this furniture, someone had an accident ("it"), more than likely, a facility service person will be called upon to respond.

Larry Garcia

Not the f word...: Let me say, New Times is a great fucking magazine! I've been reading it for about four years, maybe? I especially love Red Meat. I was introduced to this comic by my brother when I was 14. The guy who does this is a genius. The one from your February 21 issue about snoring was great.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. I read them as soon as they come out. Also, thank you for doing horoscopes every issue.

Eva Pedregal
Lake Worth

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