Letters for April 25, 2002

Attack of the cranky creationists

Mickey Baker

Why do you insist on razing 'Canes? Can Kirk Nielsen please explain his motive for continuing to push for University of Miami football player Andre Johnson to receive a harsher penalty for academic dishonesty? He and New Times seem determined not to let this issue go away ("Hurricane Andre," March 21).

The most recent article seems to imply that the UM football program will soon be out of control. That is not true. I can't understand why Nielsen cannot enjoy the success of the team on the field and allow the university administration to handle issues like this as it sees fit. I know of other students who have been caught plagiarizing papers, and none of them has been kicked out of school for an entire year. Is New Times going to begin printing stories on a regular basis about the penalties students receive from UM? This issue has been handled. New Times just needs to let it go.

You are only trying to create a story where there simply isn't one. Issues such as this are supposed to be confidential. I believe the people commenting or writing about Andre Johnson are being very unprofessional in that respect.

Anthony Leahy
Coral Gables

Erratum: In the April 18 issue, Jeff Stratton's Bandwidth column incorrectly stated that the Dead Kennedys had recently played the Hard Rock Café at Disneyland. In fact, they had played at Disney World in Orlando. New Times regrets the error.

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