Crime Always Plays

The other Shaffer's Murderer is no Equus, but it sure moves

Then there's the matter of the live video. Arisco explains: "Gene [Seyffer] figured out how to mount our projector in the floor of the stage, bounce the projection off a mirror, and then onto the set. The projector is hooked up to the off-stage camera. It's incredibly complicated, but we've tried to think through each possible calamity and prepare contingency plans for everything."


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The Miracle Theatre, 280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables

There's a lot to think about. The smoke machine used for the hot-stove effect must be moved during the performance to produce steam in the bathroom scenes. The actors have costume changes to contend with. The water in the bathtub scenes, 25 gallons of it, can't splash on certain costumes or on the set floor, which would present safety problems. But Arisco and company clearly relish these challenges and look forward to more. "Gene rolls his eyes at this, but I really would like to do an Aykbourne two-play project, House and Garden, which features the same cast performing both plays simultaneously in two separate theaters. We could do this using the main stage and our upstairs theater. But in order to do it, the actors must run back and forth from one show to the other, with a maximum of 90 seconds travel time...." Arisco stops talking and starts thinking. Right on cue, Seyffer's eyes start rolling.

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