Ramblin' Women

A road story that runs out of gas

Ryan Carr, 16 years old, handled the title role with skill and great gymnastic ability. Brittany Berkowitz, also 16, as Wendy showed serious professional promise with her strong vocal skills. Even the tiniest performers comported themselves with aplomb, especially two pint-size seven-year-olds: Dara Homer as a funny, take-charge pirate, Mini-Smee, and Rebecca Roberts as Tinkerbell, who pulled down some laughs of her own and bravely flew 15 feet above the stage. The all-kids concept extended to the backstage crew, which was mostly children (supervised by adults for safety), and the entire shebang was stage-managed by Lauren O'Connor, all of 13 years old. Peter Pan was everything theater can and should be: thrilling, charming, memorable.

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