Good Ol' New World

The Mango Gang rides again (sort of) at Half Moon Bay

If you must have an appetizer, I suggest sharing either the shrimp pizza, a thin-crusted, garlicky pie that is satisfyingly rich without being heavy, or the macadamia-crusted goat-cheese salad. Fresh spinach, tart Granny Smith apples, and a savory raspberry vinaigrette deviate from the Floribbean festivities, yes, but the difference is a pleasant counterpoint to the more tropical notes. And key lime desserts might take a back seat to liquid endeavors like the island espresso, a shot of double-strength coffee edged with Nassau Royal and coconut rum. But seeing as how no entrée tops 20 bucks, the servers are pleasant if a bit baffled by menu descriptions, and the dishes are honest and appealingly executed, Half Moon Bay adds up as the ideal place to revisit the old New World.

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