Letters for July 4, 2002

Cox suckers?!

Give George Bush a little time. Only nine months have passed, reorganization is planned, and the $63 million for lobbying will not go unnoticed. It would have paid for lots of security. The money we paid after 9/11 was to keep the country from falling on its face. Let's have faith and look at the new plans with enthusiasm as a united America.

John Merli

via the Internet

The other George... he replaced the now-defunct Wack-o: I received a copy of Peter Kerr-Jarrett's well-written and -researched May 23 article on the Wackenhut Corp., "A Family Affair." He missed a major event in the history of the company.

About 30 years ago, the corporation was indicted in New York City by the district attorney on various counts. During that time period, George Wackenhut did not travel to that city. I was the only officer of the corporation outside of Florida and thus stood before the "bar of justice" in place of George. I have a most interesting story and even held George up in planning a secondary offering of his stock in that time period.

Coulby Gunther

Gulf Stream

Cox suckers..?! Clever, Alan, real clever: Rebecca Wakefield's May 16 story, "The Battle for Bach," is really about the battle for money. Classical music radio simply does not make it. Nor does local-issues talk. It's too expensive to produce. WLRN-FM (93.1) should not be bullied by people who did not support WTMI-FM (93.1). However, on Easter and Christmas, broadcasting Handel's Messiah would not hurt. As for WPYM-FM (Party 93), even I listen while changing audiobook tapes. The only thing I truly resent about the change is that at the time of changeover, WPYM broadcast "Shut the fuck up and dance... hey yo! Shut the fuck up and dance." Was this a slap in the face to WTMI fans? Cox Radio is sucking up to a younger generation. That's where the money is. Perhaps that makes Cox Radio "Cox suckers!"

Alan Rigerman

Palm Springs North

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