Scent of a Wonton

Follow your nose to the sophisticated Northern Chinese fare at Jasmine

Just don't decide to buck tradition by going for a slice of chocolate mousse cake instead of tempura-fried apples for dessert. Our piece was so spoiled, at first we thought someone had added salt instead of sugar by mistake. Then the curdled flavor set in, and the waiter, going only by our expressions of honest disgust, didn't even question us and took it off the check. A whole, steamed yellowtail snapper was also distinctly fishy, definitely subpar when compared with the excellence of the other dishes.

Granted, had I gotten a whiff of the fish while I was listening to the exchange of vows, I might not have been so eager to try Jasmine. I can only consider the aromas that I did smell a good omen and the resulting experience a sound fulfillment of that promise. Which also bodes well, I hope, for the newly married couple.

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