Redemption Song

Bob Marley rests in peace, quiet, and earth that nourishes his favorite medicinal herb

The sweet fragrance of the hash belied its strength. The bumpy, nearly two-hour ride back to Ocho Rios was blurred by a heart-pounding, brain-melting buzz that took Bandwidth by surprise. Stenneth, who didn't care one whit for reggae music, marijuana, or Rastafarianism, still lowered his voice to reverential tones when answering queries about Marley's place in the island's historic milieu.

"From my standpoint, as a real son of the style, he stood up for justice and rights for the people. He was truly a man who had the heart of the people. I think Marley died too young. But a good man never lives long."

Not much to report from my return trip -- oh, except the most out-of-place character at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston: Alt-country problem child Ryan Adams, in tattered denim flares and beat-up Chuck Taylors, sitting at the concourse bar, laughing to himself over a tabloid.

Hollywood's all-day Love Fest happened July 14. Bars and clubs around Young Circle grudgingly participated again but gladly embraced price-gouging opportunism: Thanks to the place that charged me $5.30 for two cans of Coke.

A sincere thanks to all the Good Samaritans who bought raffle tickets and a $10 wristband for the Scott Shields benefit, held July 18 at the Poor House and Tavern 213. The Poor House bouncer, who transited between the two venues on crutches, recently had a leg amputated due to a blood clot. And much appreciation and affection to the assortment of excellent local acts who helped raise funds, like J.C. Reilly and Scott Putesky (late of Stuck on Evil/Three Ton Gate), who donated a couple of David Allan Coe covers.

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