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What's the future look like? Only our theater critic knows for sure.

Also in Coral Gables, the Actors Playhouse (305-444-9293, ext. 600) continues to offer sometimes ho-hum mainstream programming, but also slips in more adventurous musical fare. The season opens with Alan Ayckbourn's romp, Comic Potential, followed by the Broadway classic The Sound of Music, and a new take on the detective yarn, Sherlock's Last Case. Three musicals follow -- the intriguing but little-known Floyd Collins, a Broadway-bound revival of The Little Shop of Horrors, and an off-Broadway tuner, The Big Bang, is the summer closer.

Talk about high drama: Gablestage (305-445-1119) has yet to announce its new season, but artistic director Joe Adler offered his subscribers a startling proposition: sign up for a "blind" subscription and receive deep discounts. To date over 60 percent of last year's subscribers took his dare, paying into a season that as of yet lacks plays or schedules. That's quite a vote of confidence in Adler's leadership. So come on, Joe, pick 'em already!

The Juggerknot Theatre (305-519-5438) also presents a season of innovative world premieres beginning with Bump (October 3-4), followed by Mario Diament's Houseguest, and a multimedia project, Fresh, featuring three South Florida playwrights and three New York playwrights. Michael John Garces's Customs rounds out the season.

Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Finally there's the new (or reformed) kids on the block, the Cuban American Repertory Theater (305-666-8231), which will follow up its summer inaugural hit Lenin's Omelet with more fresh works: Domino by Marco Ramirez and two plays by Rogelio Martinez, Illuminating Veronica and They Still Mambo in Havana, a site-specific experiment that may well be -- you heard it here first -- the sleeper smash of the season.

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