Culture Wars

Follow this leader and your kids will obey their masters and join lockstep with God. Or else.

He says several of the 29 council members agree with him, just not quite the majority. Another roadblock to stopping Gothard, he says, is that the chairman of the city's criminal justice committee is an IBLP devotee.

"People just don't see it as a priority," Talley complains. "But it is our highest priority. It's our children."

Talley says he's concerned not only about Gothard's programs' being spread around the country but also about Goldsmith's sitting in the White House. "It scares me to death; it really does," he says. "It frightens me. I've seen what he's done in Indianapolis."

Greg Houston

The fact that the Bushes are tied to a neo-fascist like Gothard shouldn't really be surprising. Both the president and governor pretend to be moderates, but they surround themselves with right-wing ideologues. And when it comes to radical agendas, a little more national obedience couldn't hurt, especially when it comes to the planned attack on Iraq.

And though the invasion, without further justification, may seem like an unprecedented act of naked aggression, the order is coming from the highest authority on Earth, so who are we to question it? As Gothard will tell you, George W. Bush is a representative of Jesus Christ himself.

Hut two three.

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