Letters for October 3, 2002


Alan Saban

Fort Lauderdale

Corruption is everywhere: I read Rebekah Gleaves's August 29 Steven West article with interest. It seems that the State of Florida is unable or unwilling to pursue business crooks. I have my own experience; having been the subject of an insurance bait and switch, I reported the facts to the attorney general and the insurance commissioner. The former did nothing; the latter wrote the miscreant a letter and then accepted a lying response as satisfactory.

Why is this? We know that state government is dominated by defense lawyers, and they may have put in the fix. Or is it just a typical case of civil servant indolence or incompetence? Maybe I can use the Freedom of Information Act to get access to the files, to see what has been done with what appear to be prime candidates for prosecution? Keep it up!

Ken Most

via the Internet

Steve West or Pompano politics.... His bet's on Pompano: Your stockbroker and accountant are crooks. Insider information and collaborated land deals have drained your savings. Your only salvation is that your local appointed mayor can legally obtain inside information, work with and for developers that may profit from his vote, mold the atmosphere of public meetings, employ an army of police to maintain his reign -- and all for the good of our little city.

Isn't it great to live where the mayor has the inside track? Or is real estate mingled with politics going to be the next corporate scandal?

Dan O¹Brien

Pompano Beach

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