Letters for October 10, 2002

Hawks versus doves versus free-weekly lovers versus anti-Semitic rag haters

The butcher bill for the unnecessary war in Vietnam was 58,219 Americans killed, probably three times as many wounded, and more than 300,000 North Vietnamese killed. What will the butcher bill be for a war in Iraq? Not one American should die fighting in Iraq (another unnecessary war), and not one Iraqi should die (we have more than enough Iraqi scalps on our belts from the Gulf War). Even if they have a nuclear bomb, which they don't, let them and "us Americans" have peace.

The cost of a war (not my figures) is $50 billion to $200 billion. With some of that money, we can help the 12 million people who are starving to death in Africa or even maybe help keep our airlines, which are in the red, flying.

As for Lieberman, Wexler, and Deutsch, if the bodies of young Americans start to come back from their war, there will be a backlash, and many fingers will be pointed at them. Unlike them, I want our servicemen and women to have long, happy lives.

John Aydinian


While he seems to be rather computer-geek-oriented: I was going to write a detailed commentary on the article "Hawking for Israel" but decided it would be a waste of time, since the computer chip inside Bob Norman's head (in place of a brain) appears to be pre-programmed.

Stanley Winn

Deerfield Beach

While he's downright impressed: "Hawking for Israel" was the most logical editorial I have read on the Middle East.

John Oosterbaan

via the Internet

While she'll never pick up this free rag again: Your portrayal of Robert Wexler and Peter Deutsch in your lead Bob Norman story was vicious and strictly not only anti-Israel but anti-Semitic to boot.

I never voted for either of them but find your article reprehensible. I for one will never again read your paper -- even as a freebie. Your paper owes them both an apology!

Rita Friedman


While he could have at least written out the term bullshit: I just wanted to commend Bob Norman for the article about Wexler, Deutsch, and all government officials whose allegiance to Israel for personal and/or political reasons does not concur with the interest of the nation and the American people.

One of the main reasons the Jewish lobby and its followers have been able to put Israel in the forefront of our foreign policy and fool the American people into thinking that it is in the interest of our country is that they have been able to successfully capitalize on people's lack of knowledge and interest in foreign affairs... unless a war is pending, at which point the average citizen gets a crash course on the issues at hand, not by researching them but by listening to CNN, Fox, etc., and occasionally reading mainstream newspapers, all of which describe the issues in the same dimension.

Because the media in general has been (for various reasons) so biased in describing the conflicts in the Middle East, it is refreshing to read an article like Norman's that mentions the unmentionable: Israel!

Once again, I commend Norman for honoring his profession and for reporting with objectivity and honesty. The American people need more of this kind of reporting and less of the b.s. we hear every day just about everywhere.


Boca Raton

While he's ready to pull the plug on the thug: Bob Norman, like most well-intentioned "doves" when it comes to Iraq, just doesn't get it. A number of members of Congress, who share Bob's feelings, are also totally clueless when it comes to what's really at stake here.

When Bob states that Saddam Hussein "has no motive to lash out wildly with chemical weapons unless we attack him first," it is eerily reminiscent of the members of the British Parliament, in the 1930s, who refused to believe Winston Churchill's ranting about what a growing danger Adolph Hitler was. Hitler could have been stopped in his tracks early on. But by the time the world woke up, it was almost too late -- and for the tens of millions who died, including 6 million Jews, it was too late. If not for the United States, in fact -- and for some top-gun British fliers -- the Europeans, who had preferred to "let sleeping dogs lie," would all be speaking German.

Now we have Saddam Hussein, a man who, according to the onetime head of his nuclear development program, could soon have nukes of his own. He already has bio-chemical weapons that he will not hesitate to use on his enemies, or perceived enemies. Interestingly, we're the ones who helped arm him with the technologies to produce these weapons in the first place, which is something I wrote about at length in my book, The Hunting Horse: The Truth Behind the Jonathan Pollard Spy Case, years before Newsweek "broke" the story.

There is truly a plethora of reasons why Saddam has to be stopped before it's too late and why he has become a major threat to our national security, but here is just one scenario. Saddam could be tempted, this time, to load his scud missiles with chemical-biological warheads and aim them at Tel Aviv. Israeli military intelligence, meanwhile, has a saying in the form of a riddle: "What is three feet deep and glows in the dark? Answer: Baghdad, five minutes after a biochemical attack against Israel."

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