Letters for October 10, 2002

Hawks versus doves versus free-weekly lovers versus anti-Semitic rag haters

The ratio between the two is 10-to-1. The United States continues to pour $3 billion a year in aid into Israel. U.S. citizens need to ask themselves why we send arms, tanks, and planes to Israel and nothing to Palestine. Is Israel our friend? Then why did it bomb one of our ships? Why does it have spies spying on us? The Jewish people in our country seem to have a stranglehold on our politicians. Why? How can a minority do this? We, of course, know that they control the media, banks, and entertainment industry. If anyone is running for office, he has to state that he is a friend of Israel or he or she does not have a prayer of being elected.

Robert L. Bowman

Hollywood Beach

While we are letting him know today: Well, well.... That was a pretty gutsy piece on the "Hawking" stuff.

Can you let your readers know, say, one month from now, of the reaction? Maybe, you will get a bit of hate mail? Demands for a writer with opposing views to have an equal number of column inches? Love letters to advertisers? Hang on tight!

Tom Carter

via the Internet

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