Letters for November 28, 2002

Pot laws are no joke, dude

Fort Lauderdale

Or are they deaf? I enjoyed Bob Norman's November 14 story regarding the October 26 protest. Thanks for the coverage of this movement, which is virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

Kris Kemp

West Palm Beach

Or maybe they want a revolution? I thoroughly enjoyed Bob Norman's article about the October 26 protest in Washington, D.C. I am just a little puzzled as to why you called the peace activists "antiwarriors." I drove up to D.C. from Titusville in Brevard County to march for PEACE. The Mapquest directions were simple: Get on I-95 and drive 849 miles.

I stayed at a hotel within walking distance of the Vietnam Memorial. While walking to the march, I encountered a family from Iraq. They took a picture of my protest sign. The young daughter told me her cousins and uncle had been killed by Saddam Hussein. The family was very fearful about what may happen.

Along the march route, there was a National Park Service barrier. Mounted officers would not allow the peace marchers to pass. The horses answered a call to nature, and the crowd started chanting, "We smell Bu$h." I later learned that we were being prevented from going near a pro-war rally.

There were so many creative antiwar signs. One couple had a doll with a Bu$h mask. The doll was holding a baby bottle labeled OIL. I saw several WWII veterans with signs opposing the war. The street theatrics and huge puppets were fabulous. I felt energized by the huge crowd. One man was dipping an American flag into a bucket of water. His sign read: "I'm not burning the flag. I am cleaning it."

I was most impressed with the following statement by a man from a group called ANSWER: "We have taken over Washington, D.C. We can do it again if we have to." We were there to stop the war. I hope peace will prevail and we will not need to return.

Mari Anderson


They are extinct, right? In his November 14 review ("Wonder Boy") of the new Harry Potter movie, your critic, Gregory Weinkauf, makes the following insulting statement: "We've accidentally allowed a retarded monkey to rule America..." Such a statement is uncalled for and should have the entire simian world rise up to take umbrage.

Alan Becker


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