Keep on Horttin'

Even on life support, the Hortt competition offers some intriguing local work

But some of the show's most intriguing pieces don't even merit one of the many Judge's Recognition Awards handed out. Two monochromatic pieces by Carol Prusa work especially well displayed together. Apron, delicately rendered in dry pigment, is a conglomeration of biomorphic forms suggestive of human innards, with nearly two dozen black ovals superimposed over the lower half of the image. It's paired with Necklace, a more minimalist acrylic with the same sort of forms draped to create the title object. And much to the artist's credit, she lends these forms a strange beauty -- they're far from grotesque or clinical.

This work by Judy Polstra is a timely entry in this year's Hortt
This work by Judy Polstra is a timely entry in this year's Hortt


On display through December 18. Call 954-463-8833 for hours.
Carone Gallery, 600 SE Second Ct., Fort Lauderdale

Last year, I speculated that the Hortt's best chance of survival might hinge on the willingness of another major South Florida museum or other cultural institution to take it over. And as much as I admire Buzzi and Carone for their beyond-the-call-of-duty support for this competition, I still think the exhibition needs bigger guns backing it. Any takers? In the meantime, we all owe Buzzi and Carone thanks for keeping the Hortt alive.

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