Wild Kingdom

Eight tiny reindeer and the fat man who got his Claus into them, plus women in wolves' clothing

Howling at the oppressive patriarch in the moon
Howling at the oppressive patriarch in the moon


Presented through December 21 by the Imagine Theatre Co. Call 954-922-0404.

She Wolves: A Hybrid Journey of Women Through Time

Written by Raquel Almazan, directed by Diana Lozano. With Almazan, Lozano, and Paola Navia. Presented through December 14 by La Lucha and Artemis at PS 742, 1165 SW Sixth St., Miami, 305-545-8546.

Blue Box, Hollywood Playhouse, 2640 Washington St., Hollywood

The production includes inventive costumes, expressive dance sequences, and a weird fun-house set, festooned with female mannequin body parts and plastic bags of blood taped to the black walls. This is an unusual, compelling theatrical event, but the text could use some work. The flowery language tends to drag on and often fights for attention with the complex visuals and movement. It's also rather humorless and derivative: Most of Almazan's radical-feminist points are older than she is. More to the point, this show takes on women's issues but only from the point of view of a very young person, completely ignoring such issues as motherhood, aging, sexual preference, and generational community. It's more than a little pretentious for Almazan to lay claim to women's history without venturing beyond her own preoccupations and experience. Still, She Wolves delivers a white-hot performance energy and a bold imagination.

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