Letters for December 12, 2002

More bad blood

Millions would be needed (in time, tax dollars, and personnel) to help the public cope, rehabilitate, or incarcerate victims, and so on. The USA would drift into a semi-twilight zone and less-than-first-first-level nation, another Colombia. Gangs are already governing San Juan, Puerto Rico. At least now, pot is not conveniently available. But the bottom line is that marijuana usually leads to hard drugs and hard time.

Marvin Doudna

West Palm Beach

Breaking up the mayor's inner circle: I really appreciate the heat Bob Norman is keeping on Mayor Bill Griffin and associates ("Enemies of Pompano," Bob Norman, November 14). I wasn't surprised to see Jesse Guido's fine hand in much of the chicanery. Jesse will butter her bread with whomever provides the butter. But she just can't seem to get with a sure bet. I sure hope they have someone other than Janice Griffin to oppose Bill Griffin. Janice is a nice lady but tends to trip over her own tongue. They would chew her up.

Frank Pitz

Perkasie, Pennsylvania

More chicanery? Great piece on Bag Man [Bill] Keith and Jesse Guido (Pompano's Bella Abzug). I would like to see Bob Norman look into Palm Aire's new water works. Looks like a major problem being kept under wraps.

Joe Ryan

Pompano Beach

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