Grandma's Pot of Gold

Fay Fiess never expected to be rich, and she isn't living like it either

They plopped it down eight blocks away on a double lot at the corner of Third Street and Tamarind Avenue. Fiess bought the land for $70,000. It's a rough part of town. But it's on the northwest side of downtown and just a few blocks from CityPlace. There's a good chance this piece of land could earn her a windfall again in a few years.

Granny's house is on the go
Colby Katz
Granny's house is on the go

Fiess doesn't have plans for most of the money. She's spending about $80,000 to move the home and fix it up a little. "Oh, it doesn't need much," she says. The developer agreed to cut her a check after the house is moved. She's going to give ten grand to Moffa for his good idea. Fiess and husband Lou will likely split the rest among their nine children. "Oh, it's a lot of money," she says, "but we don't need much to get by."

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