Letters for December 19-25, 2002

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And how about Cambodia? Boy, we really thinned out that population by doing nothing and allowing 1 million souls to be taken because they were city dwellers and knew nothing of farming the land. Hey, I'll bet Norman was the first to say that those pictures of Kurd women and children killed by gassing wasn't done by Saddam but was retouched by our allies.

As a kid in 1960, I went to Germany in the Army and spent 2 1/2 years during the building of the Berlin Wall. Of course, you would have figured they built the wall to keep the West from the workers' paradise. Do you know that 15 years after the end of World War II, some friends and I visited what was a concentration camp? And during that trip, you could still smell the remains of gypsies, Jews, Catholics, and those political people who just didn't agree with the new order.

Year in and year out, we find new ways to appease madmen. Your letter writers who wrote and asked that we should wait and see what Saddam will do have the best of intentions, but when will they want to do something? Maybe when they attack the Sears Tower or the Golden Gate Bridge. Let's get closer to home: How about a commercial jet crashing into the Miami Beach convention center during a concert? I was on a flight on 9/11 going from Fort Lauderdale to New York. But for the grace of God I could have been one of the victims. Instead, I was diverted to Atlanta.

We lost 53,000 troops in Korea and 50,000 more in Vietnam (some were friends of mine). We lost them because we allowed our politicians to tell the generals how to fight a war. How many more will die before we learn?

Bernie Grossman

Hallandale Beach

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