Letters for January 9, 2003

Remove the Bars

David Weiss


Wives, don't let your husbands grow up to be cowboys: I truly was bothered by Rebekah Gleaves' December 12 article on the Pynk Pages ("In the Pynk"). Has the human race degraded so that now there has to be a book on where to get a prostitute? How can this man's wife be agreeable to such behavior? And his daughter? It amazes me to think that people consider this behavior OK.

First of all, I think this man has some real sexual issues. Counseling, instead of a book on hookers and where to find them, might help. Or how about a book on morals for married men looking for outside relationships? Or how about a book that would guide men back to their marital commitment and teach them to build their relationships with their spouses -- a commitment they took a vow to fulfill?

How about single people trying to learn more about themselves and why they would pay for sex? Maybe give them a book to help them grow in other areas of their lives. How about the hookers? How can they truly feel good about themselves? Is it really all about money? How sad that this has become so acceptable and that a wife and daughter agree to such a thing just for the money. America, how sad... let's clean up our acts and become responsible adults instead of just people who lust for money and sex.

Cindy Falco Di Corrado

Pompano Beach

You all deserve Harvey's bile: How outrageous for letter writer James H. Batmasian to opine that Congressman Robert Wexler says and does things to "get as many Jewish and other votes as possible" (Letters, December 5). Does Batmasian know Wexler? Doubtful; otherwise, he wouldn't trash Wexler by saying, "Mr. Wexler needs to turn his back on his own personal beliefs and simply support everything that Israel does, right or wrong."

In fact, Mr. Wexler's personal beliefs are, 99 percent of the time, in accord with Israel's attempts to protect itself from terrorist Arab butchers. And Wexler agrees with Israel that the big problem is how to get the Arabs who occupy the land won by Israel in 1967 and 1973 to stop trying to exterminate the Jewish state. He's been consistent in these matters. He's never wavered in his opinions; so why accuse him falsely of doing same?

In another matter, to Stacy Davids, Herb Siegel, et al., and the other 92,000 moronic schmucks who voted for Ralph Nader for president: You helped elect that right-wing putz, "Dubya." Are you happy that we're all really fucked now? No environment! No help for people against big business! Right-wing fascist courts, etc.! Thanks for nothing -- nothing left of our country by 2008, that is.

Harvey Slavin


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