Letters for January 16, 2003

Rick Is a Wreck

The "fool" category is represented by their members, contributors, supporters, and even local and national politicians who, I believe, are unaware of the complete agenda of the animal rights groups. Such groups in some of our larger cities decry the killing of rats, mice, and other harmful vermin. If they had their way, we would all be vegetarians. There would be no hunting or fishing, no livestock farming or ranching, no zoos or pet shops. What we call companion animals, they call animal slaves. Because of ARFF, a Broward pet shop had to stop delivering trained birds to places such as homes for the elderly.

A number of Broward elementary schools will not let teachers keep small harmless mammals in the classrooms even though many hyperactive children sit quietly while cuddling a guinea pig or rabbit. If the animal rights activists had their way, animal experimentation would stop. And then we would be left with HIV, AIDS, various cancers, multiple sclerosis, and all other diseases we list as incurable. Do you suppose that animal rights activists who are diabetic take insulin? Insulin is a derivative of the meat packing industry. Do you suppose even the most die-hard animal rights activist would deny his or her child a life-saving drug or life-saving medical procedure derived from animal experimentation?

The animal rights activists continually harassing the Hanneford Family and its circus are scum or fools. The scum know exactly what they are doing; the fools don't know any better. And all of those members of ARFF, PETA, and other groups that avail themselves of life-saving pharmaceuticals and medical procedures derived from animal experimentation are hypocrites.

Alan W. Rigerman


New Times is scum, that is: I thought New Times' article on the Hanneford Family Circus was disappointing. Generally, I expect New Times to be something more than just a public relations piece for the circus industry.

While mentioning that the industry has been under fire for cruelty to animals, the author did not bother to provide any examples of just what animal protection advocates object to.

I saw no mention of the bull hooks used to beat elephants into submission and break their spirits. I saw no mention of food and sleep deprivation, common training methods. All I saw was a reporter playing PR hack for the Hanneford circus.

Doug Bomar

Silver Spring, Maryland

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