Letters for February 13, 2003

Rot on top

Humble but lovable: I picked up New Times the other night at work and, while trying to pass time, read Jeff Stratton's January 30 "Rock Me Like a Hurricane" story. I am fortunate enough to have discovered Coldplay and also attended the recent concert. I think Stratton nailed something right on the head: "Yet despite the heart-felt sing-alongs, the message did not appear to get through." I'm an avid Coldplay fan, partially because of the group's musical talent but more for their humility (what makes them truly great, as you mentioned) and their empathetic and altruistic political views.

I liken them more to a "Radiohead-type" group rather than U2. As great a band as U2 is, its members are well-aware of their stature and power, which negates any humility they might think they have, although I believe their minds are in the right place. Living in Seattle for a few years made me realize that some of the best music, along with political messages, will never be heard by the masses. But for Coldplay to have crossed over into the mainstream vicinity and still maintain its messages of humility and altruism I believe is a message the band is trying to get across, which I didn't feel was being acknowledged.

Hopefully South Florida listeners will start appreciating the messages in Coldplay's songs and learn a valuable lesson from the band... A kind heart and a subtle touch of cynicism mixed with a positive attitude is a step in the right direction. I enjoyed the article.

Michael Piskosz

Coral Springs

That Jerry is shaken, not stirred: When reading Mike Seely's review of Round Room by Phish (Shortcuts, January 30), what I came to ponder was whether Mr. Seely had ever really let himself go and listened to the music and the love that is so much a part of it. Because if he had, then he would feel it in Bob Weir and the rest of the Other Ones as strong as ever -- yes, even after all these years.

If he had the slightest appreciation for them, he would know that Jerry Garcia and the whole Head population was and is all about the love, the music, and the love of the music. Phish is absolutely amazing, and we're all beyond ecstatic to have them back, but that's no excuse to bash the Dead. We're all in this together, and if you think for one minute that Jerry's stirring in his grave, it's only because he's still groovin' to the music.

Brittany Reilly

West Palm Beach

And Norman knows truth: Bob Norman's January 23 story, "Corruption and Nothingness," was great. It's about time someone wrote of the corruption in Broward.

Pete Brewer


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