You Win Sommelier...

Yet another reason to visit the Breakers

Michael Mondavi, chairman of the famed Mondavi winery, has gone on record saying that women have better palates than men. Apparently, Virginia Philip, sommelier of the Breakers Hotel (1 S. County Rd., Palm Beach, 561-659-8455) has known this all along. She was just awarded Master Sommelier status, a level to which no other woman in Florida (and only one man, for that matter) has yet risen. And at a recent competition held in New York City, she was named "America's Best Sommelier." An undeniable expert in our very own county, available to fine diners everywhere -- it's almost as if we really needed yet another valid reason to visit the Breakers.
Joe Rocco

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The Seafood Bar at the Breakers Hotel

1 S. County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Category: Restaurant > Seafood

Region: Palm Beach

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