Freaky Dignity

An inspired sideshow that mixes pungent commentary and laughter

Most notably, however, Joseph's women are survivors. The sword swallower swallows her sword again and again. The catgirl shows off her strength by brandishing her cat like a set of barbells. Even Joseph's many variants of a headless woman who appears to be hooked up to some strange life-support system have their own weird dignity.

Humor is the key
Humor is the key


On display through May 4. Call 954-921-3274.
Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, 1650 Harrison St., Hollywood

Fortunately, the artist's sense of the whimsical keeps her feminism from becoming heavy-handed. As she says in the catalog interview: "Humor is the key. It draws people in closer and then, once you have them engaged, hopefully they will be able to become aware of deeper messages. I don't have any need or desire to preach, but I hope to confront viewers with some of the absurdities that fate and chance bring into our lives and suggest an awareness of our vulnerability and our childlike side."

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