Dirty George and the War Pigs

The president's war, his brother's fib, a black man's past, and Mayor Griffin's demise

Most consider Swerdlow a problem, but I'm beginning to see him as the solution. He serves a valuable function, one that Broward State Attorney Michael Satz has failed to fulfill for the better part of two decades. In a Darwinian process, he exploits and exposes bad government leaders and, ultimately, causes their demise.

Which brings me to my proposal: We must, for the sake of peace, send Swerdlow to Iraq. We don't need a MOAB; we need a man. Once Swerdlow starts negotiating with Saddam, the outraged Iraqi people will surely find the courage to oust the dictator. But it may be too late. Even as you read this, Dirty George has probably already pulled the trigger.

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