Letters for March 20-26, 2003

Watered-down Praise

With MMA now sanctioned by the Florida Athletic Commission, and both Hook 'n' Shoot (March 28 at the War Memorial in Fort Lauderdale) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (April 25, 2003 at American Airlines Arena in Miami) coming to South Florida, I am sure press will be had. I just hope that journalists are more responsible in their fact-gathering before publishing their stories.

Eric Hoffman

Fort Lauderdale

And this: I am a member of American Top Team. Although I am not a pro fighter, I attend the school frequently and have been training there for approximately three years. I'm a 44-year-old father of two boys and am employed by the local fire department. I love to see no-holds-barred competition get publicity from the media. The problem is that most writers seem to try to make NHB competition something it is not. The hype of limbs snapping and blood spurting is creative writing. Mixed martial arts has been around for many, many years all around the world and is as accepted in other countries like football is here.

I think the article could have been more positive and mentioned the new facility. It should have described the numerous types of martial arts that will be taught there to kids and adults. The people at American Top Team are some of the most professional men you could ever meet. Dan Lambert is a successful businessman and has an unparalleled love for the sport. I hope when the new facility opens, you will come and see it and do a follow-up story.

Tim Werner

Boca Raton

Stratton is a horse's a__: A correction to Jeff Stratton's March 6 Bandwidth: Mary Karlzen was a "Davie girl" (originally out of the Chicago area, now living in Wisconsin).

And Stratton just blew off the Goods, and the struggle they went through to get on a major label. (Were you around when they put out the rock opera "5 Ways To Be Signed"?)

Please make a notation in regard to Mary's affiliation with Miami. It is true that she played a lot in Miami and the surrounding area, but her residence (and where she recorded her first solo release) was in Davie!

Les "Earthdog" Miller

Pompano Beach

A North Dade institution goes global: I just read Jeff Stratton's February 6 Bandwidth column on my store and wanted to thank him. One of my customers told me about it. I wish I had a chance to talk to him.

We won't be closing the rock side of the store but absorbing it into the main room; the cost of keeping it open -- $1500 a month -- is too much on top of the $2400 we pay for the main room. Then there's the jazz warehouse. And with the gross profit of three dollars on a CD by 50 Cent or Sea & Cake, the landlord is making a killing for too little. But it's all right. We are kicking ass on eBay! $6000 last month and we kept it all with expenses running $400. But that's another story.

Bob Perry

Blue Note Records

North Miami Beach

His show is finito: Why must Bob Norman waste good reading space by repeatedly writing about that useless piece of crap, Rick Sanchez ("Slick Rick," January 9)

He patted himself on the head so many times, he patted himself right out of South Florida! No loss! Let's move on. Isn't there some other useless TV reporter you can rag on? How about Jackie Johnson, the a.m. weather gal also of WSVN-TV (Channel 7) fame? Now, that's a hunk!

Fred Kraut


Just his namesake, folks. Honestly.: I agree with Bob Norman -- MSNBC is a network looking for a way to work. So far, it has had little success.

Robert Norman

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