New Thugs on the Block

Block Bottom Entertainment cranks out the raw, grassroots rhythm and rhymes of South Broward

And pushing the next album is absolutely mandatory for everyone in the group. This will be the first album released by Block Bottom to have distribution. It will be in Specs, Blue Note, and CD Trader. The first major Block Bottom album will be Bolansky's solo debut. It had to be either Allworld or Bolansky; those two have their game down better than the others. But Allworld has other things on his mind some of the time. He has a son and a daughter to worry about. Bolansky became the obvious choice.

"It's gangsta," he mumbles. Roughneck stylings about life on the street fill the album's tracks, lending credence to Bolansky's statement. "Straight gangsta. Nothin' like what you hear on the radio. None of that booty-shakin' stuff," he adds. This is N.W.A., not TLC.

Killa Bean cracks a grin, while his partner, Unique, lays down rhymes (opposite)
Colby Katz
Killa Bean cracks a grin, while his partner, Unique, lays down rhymes (opposite)
Colby Katz

Everything looks to be falling into place. The business, the talent, is all coming together. All that remains is for someone to sit up and take notice. There is no end to the dreams, nor will there be until the requisite amounts of fame and fortune are achieved, and those amounts are different for everyone. For people who dream this huge, it could very well be that no amount of recognition, no amount of cash, no amount of Remy Martin, will ever be enough. With Bolansky's album ready to drop within weeks, the folks at Block Bottom will either realize the childhood dream or try again with another album and another roll of the dice.

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