Powerful Pulp

Helen Frankenthaler's paintings in a mundane medium only strengthen her place in the pantheon

Huge imaginative leaps, taken effortlessly
Huge imaginative leaps, taken effortlessly


On display through June 8. Call 305-893-6211.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Joan Lehman Building, 770 NE 125th St., North Miami

One of the most remarkable aspects of Frankenthaler's body of work as represented by this retrospective is her fidelity to a style that she has made completely her own. It's as if she devoured abstract expressionism 50 years ago, spat out what didn't suit her purposes, and proceeded to develop a personal style. She's continually taking it in different directions, experimenting with various techniques, refining -- and somehow she always seems to come full circle, or at least close to where she started out. "Paintings on Paper" chronicles that amazing process, one that continues to this day.

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