Lean and Mean

Blues-punk? You've never seen its ILCK.

No one understands the concept of a meaner, leaner workforce better than Chet "The Cheetah" Weiss. Caught between a rock (his seminal, yet dysfunctional, garage-rock combo The Quadrajets) and a hard place (his doctoral work in economics at Auburn University), Weiss took both jobs and shoved 'em. He then formed the Immortal Lee County Killers with drummer Doug "The Boss" Sherrard. With nothing but drums and a massive three-amp guitar rig to get in the way of his sizable attitude, Weiss stripped his sound bare to the roots. ILCK's debut CD, The Essential Fucked Up Blues, merged the Misfits and Howlin' Wolf into hellified mayhem, threatening to give any punk or blues purist a heart attack upon listening. ILCK's new disc, Love Is a Charm of Powerful Trouble, constitutes a blues-punk romp to answer the question: Is it possible to make an R.L. Burnside tune even more primitive? Affirmative, cap'n! The Immortal Lee County Killers perform 9 p.m. Saturday, April 19, Slak Lounge, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Cover is $5. Call 305-438-0810.
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