Letters for April 17, 2003

Immoral morons versus peaceniks

Keep spreading the truth, and don't let the negative feedback concern you. People want to be ignorant so that they won't have to deal with the guilt of the truth.

For those people who want to believe we are going in to protect America and free the oppressed, I hope that we do. If we don't find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, then maybe antiwar protesters won't be considered so un-American. And maybe those people who considered themselves so American could then consider themselves antilife.

We are not a democracy; we are sheep. Thank you for bringing truth to journalism and not force-feeding lies like the rest of the herd. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful day.

Jacquelyn Scaduto

via the Internet

Positively terrifying: Thank you for Bob Norman's honest writing. He is right on target. We true Americans are paying attention. Daily we are losing freedoms in the names of "Unity" and "Fighting Terrorism." I cannot see any good outcome from this war.

We have never gotten to Osama Bin Laden (which I did not oppose doing). We are not likely to create a better life for the Iraqi people now. Mr. Bush, the appointed president, has, in less than two years, taken us back to the dark ages. Scarily, people are flag-waving and singing his praises... they act as if it were a Super Bowl... all I can think of is Nazi Germany. No doubt Norman wrote his column before Peter Arnett was fired or Geraldo Rivera was threatened with being fired.

Keep up the good work.

Jim S.

Hallandale Beach

She really got it: Having worked for Covenant House for 13 years and eight on the streets as a street outreach worker, I was, well, let's just say I was moved by Susan Eastman's February 27 article on kids in Fort Lauderdale ("Searching for Brittany").

Somehow she caught it... how she did it, put it on paper, I'm not sure. But reading it, I felt the same exhaustion, exhilaration, and hopeless hope I feel after a night of outreach. When I finished her article, I thanked God for her and her dedication to highlighting the plight of our country's kids.

Stephen Siniari


Due to an editing error, the subject of the Sleater-Kinney interview ("Perfect Perscription," April 3, 2003) was misidentified. The interview was with Carrie Brownstein, not Corin Tucker.

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