Political Therapy

Talking war with dissident Jim Mullins is good for a battle-scarred psyche

JM: He's a fanatic.

BN: Yeah, but I think it's part of his con.

JM: No. Do you know what a dry drunk is? Heavy drinkers have a definite change in personality; there is a definite change in their brains. AA has come up with a syndrome, and Bush falls right into that. One of the things is impatience. Seeing things in a very rigid way. Their ability to think is hindered. It's much easier to grab hold of an idea and stick with it than to challenge it.

At 82, Jim Mullins believes cable news can be hazardous
Colby Katz
At 82, Jim Mullins believes cable news can be hazardous

BN: But what if he's right about Iraq? The administration says it will change the political landscape in the Middle East, plant the seed of democracy, and lead to peace everywhere.

JM: We've had plenty of opportunities already to do that. Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan. Afghanistan is reverting right back to what it was before. The Taliban is regrouping.

BN: Did you support the Afghanistan invasion?

JM: I was opposed to it.

BN: I'm still glad we took out the Taliban.

JM: But we have the responsibility to stay there.

BN: Exactly. Bush is blowing it. He leapfrogged Afghanistan for Iraq.

JM: It's the second time we did it. We created the Taliban. We created the son-of-a-bitch Saddam too. We financed him and made him who he was, just like Noriega.

BN: You agree that it's good that Saddam is out of power?

JM: Yes, I think it was time for his system to go. But I don't think war was the way to do it. Is it our business to go all over the world and rid these countries of dictators? We have to let it happen on its own.

BN: Do you know that Fox would call you an America-hating traitor for saying that?

JM: Absolutely. [Laughs] I would consider it a compliment.

BN: Amen.

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