Who's Your Grandaddy?

From murderous, methed-up Modesto comes Grandaddy

Bad feelings will no doubt fade once the Daddies dock the boat and prepare the grill for their traditional late-afternoon barbecue. In a business sense, Grandaddy's partnership with V2 Records is working out perfectly; Fairchild doesn't have to do anything but drink a beer on a boat, pose for a camera now and then, play music, and tour. The records sell or they don't, but that's of no concern to him. "I don't know shit about that stuff, and I don't want to know shit about that stuff," he says. "I guess everything is finally falling into place, but the alchemy that happens behind the scenes -- that I don't know anything about."

A grill, Grandaddy, and thou
A grill, Grandaddy, and thou


At 6:30 p.m. Sunday, May 18. Call 561-832-7469.
Gosman Amphitheatre by the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, 701 Okeechobee Blvd., West Palm Beach

Fairchild won't let those worries bother him for long; Grandaddy doesn't live in the past either. Expect the band to concentrate almost exclusively on new songs during its current shows. Recently, while working up a set list with Lytle, Fairchild allowed his mind to wander until it eventually stumbled upon three Sophtware Slump tunes, all integral to the band's last tour. Discovering that "I had completely forgotten about them -- as songs -- at all," the skewed verses and weird faux-horn honks and lyrics about robots or crazy hair or humanoids slowly came back to him. "And I thought, 'Wow! Those are pretty good!'"

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