Rough Trade

Well, there's a lot of simulated gay sex, at least

Smart dialogue, simulated sex, and simulated emotions
Smart dialogue, simulated sex, and simulated emotions


Presented through June 14. Call 305-531-6083 or 954-733-8735.
Edge Theatre at Piccadilly Gardens, 35 NE 40th St., Miami

The trick is finding ways to link these big projects to the surrounding neighborhoods. I think the solution for Miami lies in thinking small -- small restaurants, bars, galleries, clubs -- and yes, small performing-arts organizations that could set up shop around the large arts center. The Kravis really already has this: There is plenty of commercial and arts activity adjacent to it. This kind of project would most likely take determined civic planning and -- horrors! -- government subsidies to get things going. But developing small, arts-friendly endeavors could do the trick in creating a lively, thriving downtown nightlife (and the tax revenue that would come with it), a dream that big arts complexes can't provide on their own.

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