Letters for July 17, 2003

Hair trigger

Carville is actually most famous for having said it of Hamilton Jordan after Jordan joined Ross Perot's presidential campaign in 1992. But Carville has also made the comment regarding Jerry Falwell. I find no specific reference that he said it about Atwater, but it wouldn't be uncharacteristic -- or unjustified.

Vicky Bowles


But can she croon? In response to "Cowboy Up" (July 3): Many and sincere thanks for the support of the press! Country-western activities appeal to a small portion of the community, and we greatly appreciate the support of New Times. Special thanks to Beth Kirkpatrick for the kind words.

Tim German

Dania Beach

Go to the polls, already: Excellent piece by Bob Norman on the dirtiest game in town ("Incentivize This," July 3). A federal judge excoriated the practice of lobbyists' running the shows, but the "boys" will be the boys, won't they? It stinks, but in Florida, he who has the gold rules. I don't hold out hope for any help from Tallahassee. Who do you suppose they depend on for the big bucks? The only hope we have is that the 90 percent of the citizens of Hollywood who don't vote might get angry at the constant tax increases that help line the pockets of the lobbyists as well as the developers and politicians they control.

Charlotte Greenbarg


Sounds like the 1950s all over again: Regarding Eric Alan Barton's June 26 "Bloodletting," one of the problems is that the blood banks don't take blood from admitted homosexuals. This blood is no worse than that of most of the drug addicts who go to blood banks.

Robert M. Andrews

Fort Lauderdale

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