When this kid gets going, you get got

The call is a good example of how Blackout pushes the tacit perversity of the situation to its logical extreme. Kilty shows all the weaknesses that televangelists prey upon, launches the operator into fits of religious fervor, and yet manages to get his demon exorcised before the operator can take down the credit card information.

Operator: Praise the Lord. Break the pride.

Kilty: Man, I've been watching this, and I'll tell ya, I've never been so touched in my life. I'm a Scottish man, and you know about us, we're a drinkin' people. I'm a drinkin' man. I wanted to call in and talk to someone.

Clockwise from top: Blackout blathers, co-host Pharris gives an unpopular opinion, comedian Flip Shultz and local singer Cheyenne (of I Digress) listen, and sex doctor Charmagne busts a gut
Clockwise from top: Blackout blathers, co-host Pharris gives an unpopular opinion, comedian Flip Shultz and local singer Cheyenne (of I Digress) listen, and sex doctor Charmagne busts a gut

Operator: Can I have your name please, sir?

Kilty: Satan is deep within me. Pray for me, because this man has touched me today.

Operator: OK, but I need your name.

Kilty: My name is Kilty. Not guilty but Kilty. But I tell you, I am guilty.

Operator: K-I-L-T-Y.

Kilty: Yeah, that's it there, lad.

Operator: Can I have your last name?

Kilty: Kilty O'Neal... O'Neal.

Operator: O'Neal?

Kilty: Right. And I kneel before you because I tell you, I've been doing the wrong thing, lad. Pray with me.

Operator: Can I have your address, sir?

Kilty: Me? My address is 4243 Ritnishnitzel Way. I've lived here my whole life. And, I've been drinking the whole time, and I wanted to come out with it.

Operator: Right now, in Jesus' name, Satan, take your filthy hands off him.

Kilty: I know my hands are filthy!

Operator: "I rebuke your stronghold in Jesus' name!"

Kilty: "Watch out! Watch out!" [glass smashes]

Operator: Come out in Jesus' name.

Kilty: He's coming out of me right now!

[Kilty's screams are drowned out by a deep satanic growl]

Operator: "In Jesus' name, I come across you by the blood of Jesus Christ. By your word, in Jesus' name, have your way. In Jesus' name. In Jesus' name. In Jesus' name. In Jesus' name."

Kilty: I feel it. I feel it.

Operator: So repeat after me: Father God.

Kilty: Father God.

Operator: In Jesus' name.

Kilty: In the name of Satan! I mean, the name of God. I'm sorry... it's still beatin' in me. I have it in me.

Operator: Please repeat after me: I come to you, God.

Kilty: I come to you.

Operator: As a sinner.

Kilty: As a bastard sinner and --

Operator: God, I need you.

Kilty: ...a drinker!

Operator: Say I'm through with drinking.

Kilty: I like the alcohol, though. Do I have to be through with it?

Operator: You have to.

Kilty: I need the liquor.

Operator: That the devil's got you bound to.

Kilty: But I have to.

Operator: Say I'm through with drinking.

Kilty: I'm through with drinking.

Operator: Say no more.

Kilty: No more... except for a little shot of bourbon in the morning.

For the future, the bottom line is Biganski's most formidable obstacle. Beyond the approximately $200 his crank CDs bring in monthly, Blackout's Box generates no revenue. What will he do when his savings and inheritance run out? He finds the predicament daunting: "It's so difficult to live if you're any kind of artist because you have to do that other thing. What is your real job that you're going to make money with?"

Biganski, who turned 30 in June, sees no long-term potential for himself as an Internet radio show host and crank caller. "That's been done," he says. Instead, he wants to use Blackout's Box as a launching pad for his career as a character actor, using the professional-quality equipment in his studio to direct, produce, and star in his own media. He says he's developing a pilot for Blackout's Box the television show, which will combine "the reality of Real World with sketch comedy such as Kids in the Hall, with the improv of Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Also, Biganski has immediate plans to start a live sketch-comedy show in a local theater and will hold auditions for actors August 4 at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale.

Regardless, he says, "I'll always do Blackout's Box. Financial gains or not, this will always be a thing that I will never let die."

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