Get Naked

Frankie and Johnny in bed, in the kitchen, wherever, it's all good

Laura Turnbull and Avi Hoffman, finding love in the oddest of places
Laura Turnbull and Avi Hoffman, finding love in the oddest of places

What's inescapable today is that productions such as this and theater companies such as this are endangered species, brand identity or no. But the doctor is in, if briefly, and here is my prescription. Get down to the GableStage and catch this fine show while you can (if you can -- the show has been held over an additional week, but tickets are flying out of the box office). Second, wake up to the realities of Florida life. There is no cushion of philanthropic largess, no interest from a state government that seems intent on cutting everything from its budget except the salaries of the politicians. The arts, like democracy, require personal participation or all we will be left with is mass-marketed corporate consumerism instead of a culture. If you -- yes, you, personally -- don't take steps now to support courageous risk-taking theater companies such as GableStage by buying a subscription or mailing in a donation or rounding up your friends and turning them on to the several fine companies in this area, I guarantee that sooner or later, those companies won't be around anymore. And that day may come faster than you think.

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