Letters for August 28, 2003

He hit a man

He was later replaced by a dull drone-like fellow. There were frequent attempts to generate "company spirit," and I remember the new office manager expressing his disappointment at the employees' failure to honor the "tradition" of contributing to holiday gifts to company head Leonard Rosen and his assistant.

Cape Coral was already being built and settled. The company was promoting its "Waltzing Waters" fountains, but no one really knew what Golden Glades Estates was. They only knew that we were selling lots in it on the installment plan. In my work area were the original plat books for Cape Coral. One evening, I was looking through them and noticed that one of the streets was named Oogaboo Avenue. Why, I exclaimed, would they give a name like that to a street? A nice middle-aged lady named Vada who worked with me spoke up. "I did it," she explained. I asked why. "I felt like it," she said.

In the spring of 1963, I limited my working hours to weekends. Unlike most employees, I enjoyed working Sundays. There were few people there, little work to do, and I could sit there all day making free long-distance calls to friends and relatives. Alas, one Sunday I arrived for a leisurely day of free calling and newspaper reading only to hear a work mate say, "Didn't you know? You've been replaced!"

Gulf American was a strange operation. For some reason, it sent hyperaggressive salespeople to Europe to target American tourists on foreign soil while leaving Americans in America largely alone. It used its political clout to arm-twist the state into building Alligator Alley, a trans-Everglades toll road paralleling the Tamiami Trail. The idea was that it would lead people into the mysterious Golden Glades. Like the trail, it had only two lanes -- but it also had tolls! The AAA fought hard to stop this project but failed.

Today, Cape Coral is a thriving city, and Golden Glades is, well, all wet. But I still wonder... whatever happened to Oogaboo Avenue?

Richard Rosichan

Miami Beach

Dan Savage? In response to Julie Kastanas' August 14 letter. Julie, I happen to like reading Dan Savage's articles. They make me laugh and remind me that there are others far worse off than I am. One great thing about this country of ours is the freedom. If you don't like some of the articles or ads, DON'T READ THEM! How can New Times go to hell? As a Christian, I was taught that God forgives all. But then again, you like politics. There's a scare. For all we know, you could be in right behind them. What makes New Times fun to read is that it caters to all different kinds of people. Yes, even your kind. Savage, keep up the good work!

Mike Huey

Fort Lauderdale

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