Let There Be Lamps

The utilitarian veers toward the divine in some local accessory stores

I'm not completely sure one way or the other. Objects once dismissed as mere craftsmanship -- works in glass, for instance -- have made their way into the realm of fine art. Who's to say lamps can't go the same way? As someone who has always lived in relatively small spaces, lamps are more affordable and more space-conserving than the kinds of sculpture I'm drawn to. And so I get the best of both worlds: sculpture that, in a pinch, can be pressed into service.

As with other varieties of art, however, there comes a time when there's simply no more room. Just as I've run out of wall space for paintings and drawings, I'm beginning to wonder where I can put another lamp or two. Still, I continue my quest. I just discovered a store called the Joshua Tree (2932 N. Andrews Ave., Wilton Manors, 954-564-8686), which is much like my beloved Ruinations, and its sister store two doors down, Carnaval (2918 N. Andrews Ave., Wilton Manors, 954-565-9796), which has an abundance of lamps even more extreme than the ones I already have. And I've seen intriguing ads for a pair of lighting stores on University Drive out in the western suburbs.

Even when you run out of wall space, you can shop for art
Colby Katz
Even when you run out of wall space, you can shop for art

After all, I haven't even started on the bedroom.

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