Well, Well, Well

Selling out in style with Florida's fountain of youth, Poison the Well

Tear from the Red struck an immediate chord, and the band began playing much bigger gigs. The guys were so encouraged they refused to stop, even when common sense would have dictated it. "We were on tour, and Geoff got really sick," Miller recalls. "But he kept screaming. At the last show, he was dying. We had to have people from the crowd sing." The band took Moreira home to Hialeah and discovered that his right lung, filled with fluid, was on the verge of collapsing. "The doctor said Geoff had walking pneumonia for a month. His mom was hysterical. She kept telling him the band was 'el diablo. '"

After Moreira recuperated, "el diablo" sent him to a vocal coach so he could learn to sing properly and avoid further lung trouble. "The voice is like any other instrument," Miller pontificates. "It's like picking up a guitar and just banging on it, and then you sit down with someone and they teach you some shit. Geoffrey still doesn't have complete control, but his sound moves me."

It moved Atlantic Records as well, and the company signed Poison the Well after discovering that the band had sold more than 50,000 albums. Once it recorded basic tracks in Los Angeles, the group traveled to Sweden to record the vocals and mix the record.

In the pocket with Poison the Well
In the pocket with Poison the Well


Perform at 7 p.m., Friday, September 26. Call 954-727-0950.
Venu, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale

The result, You Come Before You, is the band's hardest and most melodic record and one of the year's best. Predictably, the Internet message boards are full of "Poison the Well Are Sell Outs!" headings. But the whining didn't slow down You Come Before You, which, in only three months, has outsold Tear from the Red. "We're very grateful," Miller says. "We don't write records to sell them; we write records to express ourselves. They (Atlantic) are in the business of making money. Profit isn't the big motive with us."

Poison the Well's success is so evident that even Moreira's mom has come around. "She's a great woman," Miller declares. "She's cool with it -- now that we can pay the bills and we aren't homeless losers anymore."

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