The Stuntman

Creatures from a black lagoon. Aliens. John Tesh. What's up with Lake Worth these days?

Kenny, Brainerd, and Defever started another tradition in Detroit they'd like to continue in South Florida: Noise Camp. In January, the trio will present the event in Lake Worth or Miami, possibly both.

The press information about Noise Camp, available on, describes it as "an annual outdoor electro-acoustic noise activity." But, Brainerd admits, "That's a little more pretentious than seeing a guy in a cardboard tree suit fall over because there's no eyeholes in it. It's sort of hard to describe," he continues. "It's an opportunity to forget yourself and have fun in a natural setting. Even though it's an artificial natural setting." Designing the sets for Noise Camp's performances, Brainerd makes fake trees and fake logs out of cardboard.

Defever will perform on the electric pinecone.

Colby Katz
John Tesh: Obviously familiar with the cockpit dimensions of alien spacecraft
John Tesh: Obviously familiar with the cockpit dimensions of alien spacecraft

"It's just a night of games that builds up to this noise show at the end," Brainerd explains. Originally nothing more than an experimental cassette tape, Noise Camp has grown into a touring entity that's even journeyed to Europe and Japan.

"We've been carrying on these traditions without Kenny, which is sad," Brainerd says. "We've had to find people who can act like Kenny!"

Needless to say, Kenny 5 is overjoyed that he'll be making music, madness, and mayhem with his friends again. And he's eager to take Brainerd and Defever out to the back roads of the Everglades, exploring the camps and chickees: "Once Warren sees all those huts," predicts Kenny, "he's gonna want to record his next ten albums out there!"

Out at the Lake Worth Lagoon, a salty, rank, dead-fish odor hangs in the evening air. A recent study found that the water is polluted virtually past the point of reclamation. Other information about this body of water -- like, say, stories regarding unidentified critters living in its sludgy goo -- aren't easy to come by.

"Do we have any literature about a creature living in the Lake Worth Lagoon?" asks the shocked woman who answers the phone at Palm Beach County Environmental Resources office in response to a reporter's question. "Are you serious?" She asks the person next to her: "Has there ever been a folklore? About a creature? No?"

When Noise Camp rolls into town this January, however, Kenny 5 hopes the whole town will be buzzing over the Mystery of the Lake Worth Lagoon Monster.

"I heard something from somebody who lived here in the '20s that something was spotted in there," Kenny says seriously. "It was a black, greasy, tinfoil-y, machine-looking monster.

"It might be sort of fun to light a fire," he continues with a deliciously deviant twinkle in his eye. "It's an experiment. That whole John Tesh thing was a mind thing, but if I started talking about that, no one would believe me. The Tesh thing... I just put it out there, and it came back way more than I ever could have expected in a million years!" Sounding astonished, he says, "And I didn't have to do anything but put the idea out there."

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