Letters for October 9, 2003

No horse head in bed

Corey Weiner

Via the Internet

Stop blaming the Indians: I just read Bob Norman's September 11 article ("Forgotten 9/11") and was shocked to learn that inspector Robert Wilson was the one who admitted Mohamed Atta in early 2001. Norman places a heavy blame on an individual whom I know and who is very competent and dedicated to border protection. The circumstances related to the admission of Atta on that date are unknown to me. But the amount of international passengers who are referred to secondary inspections has always been quite high (and is expectedly higher now). Individual inspectors are tasked with the difficult job of trying to determine a visitor's true intent. And that task was limited during pre-9/11 times by computer resources. Airline pressures also play a big part in passenger-processing procedures.

Your glorifying of Mr. Jose Touron as a "whistleblower" is a bit uninformed. I knew this inspector for many years, and he did follow the letter of the law, but in an unproductive way. He demanded details about elderly couples and families with small children regarding their home addresses and refused to process these passengers unless their immigration forms were filled out perfectly.

George Zelaya


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